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Interview with The 3D Printing Professor - 3D Printing and Beyond

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Hi everyone,

Thank you for joining another video of the 3D Printing Experts.

During this video, Eitan Yona interviewed Joe Larson - The 3D Printing Professor.

Wandering what Joe is going to answer?

1. How did you start using 3D printing?

2. Can you describe your first-time experience with a 3D printer?

3. How complicated it was for you to use 3D printing at the beginning?

4. How long it took you to master 3D Printing?

5. How do you find 3D Printing helps on your daily lives?

6. What is your favorite 3D Printing effect?

7. What are the benefits of using Low poly in 3D Printing?

8. If someone wants to start design in digital environment what will the best cad platform that you suggest?

9. What is the best 3D Printing usage in your opinion?

10. Do you have a specific use case you would like to share?

11. What was your first print? What is your favorite print?

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